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But....I DO trust my partners. I suppose I'm in a different spot...they aren't MY kids. So even if they brought a new partner around them that I didn't like, well, it's not my place to tell them who they can and can't have in their house. But I honestly trust that they won't bring "creeps" around the family. Is that naive of me?


Still, my original point was more about having friends over. I like that my partner's kids are totally comfortable with me coming over whenever, yet have no idea a romantic relationship exists.

How does one achieve that, except by the kids used to people coming and going? I'm really open to hearing other options; as I would like to be able to tell my partner about them. I myself am not able to come up with anything :-p and this is an issue, actually, for us.

Or am I paranoid that the kids "finding out" will be problematic for them? (At least for now, when they are too young to understand)?
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