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Originally Posted by Wyrdkiss View Post
That is a wise opposition, I would be as well.

Not able to google at the moment, but you can search and find databases on psych websites or someone on these forums should be able to provide you a link. If not, post here and I'll try the small but active local poly group or hunt one down when in front of a computer.

Don't be afraid to "screen" a licensed psychologist when you call for an appointment. My partner simply asked for to speak to them about their approach, and if it was specifically religious based. When they happily chirped up that it was indeed, she moved on the next on the list until she found a good fit -- an open minded and experienced PhD.
Also, where they went for graduate study is often avail online.

Good luck
And a friend of mine found that when a counselor says he can offer wither faith-based counseling or generic counseling, he got faith-based counseling despite stating that neither he nor his wife were Christian. The counselor had his PhD, but still viewed everything in simplistic right or wrong moralistic manner.
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