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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
To me that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of (or lack of respect for) what is going on in my mind and how I choose to live my life.
Well, then you have both misunderstood me I don't see how there can be any disrespect in a question, I have often found that I learn a lot questioning myself about things that seem fundamental.

Besides, I happen to agree with you. Of course, there are people out there who turn to other people to fill gaps in their relationships.

CielDuMatin, I can't misunderstand or disrespect what you think or how you choose to live your life because I don't know you... I was merely posing a hypothetical question, about polyamory in general. Obviously I'm not attacking anyone's specific relationship choices Rather than condescending to you, my post was intended to uncover your motivations a little. I actually agree with your opinion... I have chosen the same lifestyle as you! did you come to know that you were happiest being polyamorous? What led up to the decision to finally identify yourself that way?
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