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Ahh, see? Different places, different policies.

Here, no doctor gives you test results over the phone or by mail. You take your little requisition form to one of the testing labs, they process it and send the results to your doctor. Depending on what the tests were, it's either "no news is good news" or you get a phone call from the doctor asking you to come in for results.

OK, I lied. The exception is pap smears. Probably because they're so routine. The province reminds you to get them every 2 years, and the province mails out your results. Abnormal included. I have to say, I'm not fond of that. I got an abnormal result once and it freaked me right out. I had so many questions. I would much rather have been brought into the doc's office to get those results. Fortunately, the follow-up biopsy thing came back clean, but it was a nerve-racking couple months...
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