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It's worth mentioning that medical practices vary by state, province, and country.

Also, when you get a "clean bill of health" it's not like they hand you a certificate saying "You have no diseases!" They hand you a copy of your tests results, which just says what they tested for and whether the results were positive or negative. If someone hands that to you and says "I'm clean" and you don't bother looking at it to see what they actually tested for, you're accepting some of the responsibility for whatever happens.

Aside, every time I walk into the street, I know there's some probability that I'll be hit by a car. That doesn't stop me from crossing streets. But when I look down the road and see cars coming, I infer that the risk of getting hit is higher, so I stop and wait. If I have information that I know increases the risk of contracting an infection, then I would use that information to protect myself.
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