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Originally Posted by JacksonCage View Post

It seems as if he, his lovers... and people in many posts I've read here sort of just consider HPV and HSV as "part of the poly thing" that you'll get eventually. Which is why he failed to mention this until asked.
Maybe-but that's only a small part of the issue. Dr's don't automatically test for herpes.
What I mean is-LITERALLY-and yes you can feel free to do your own research-but many of us HAVE done it-
You go in and ask to be tested for all std's. They run tests and give you a "clean bill of health" but htey don't tell you-THEY DID NOT TEST YOU FOR ALL STD's AND THEY WON'T
unless you name them one by one and even then-it's often a battle.

Quite literally-the dr's here do not test for ANYTHING except clamydia, gonnereah (can't spell it sorry) and one other std-regardless of what you say. They will test for HIV IF YOU ASK SPECIFICALLY.
But they FLAT REFUSED to test for anything else "because it wasn't worth the cost". :/

Fortunately we found one who will-but even he acknowledged it's "Not normal practice".

SO our local poly community (and swinger community and BDSM community and general community) is FULL OF PEOPLE who think they are being responsible, go in for testing regularly and can show you a "clean bill of health" stating that they have been tested for STI's and tested negative..
BUT they weren't tested for herpes, or genital warts or HIV or....
um yeah.

So- while I think it's critical information-and I ensure to tell people upfront and immediately-MANY PEOPLE who also feel that way-DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY HAVE IT. So they will tell you they do not, they will show you a clean bill of health from the dr and if YOU don't know how to read it and check for EACH STI-you won't know either.
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