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Help me Kevin -- help, help, me Kevin,
Help me Kevin -- help, help, me Kevin,

LOL, okay I got that out of my system now.

Seriously though civfan and sorry I didn't respond sooner, I'm like a wizard, I disappear for days or weeks at a time without notice. But seriously man, you need some kind of help with your girlfriend's jealousy issues. Can you find a poly-friendly counselor and if so, would your girlfriend be willing to join you in seeing that counselor? I can list a few links for finding poly-friendly professionals if that will help.

If you tell your girlfriend, "Babe, I need sex more often," and she angrily retorts, "Well go get another girlfriend then!" only to then get mad (jealous) at you when you do try to go get another girlfriend: Dude, that's not cool, she's not treating you right. You need to have a heavy heart-to-heart with her sometime when the two of you can talk without getting mad.

I'll be able to give better advice as I find out more about your situation, but right now that's what occurs to me when GBWIP.

Good luck, hope this, well, helps.
Kevin T.
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