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Originally Posted by Maleficent View Post
Along the same train of thought, is it standard practice for new posters to be discouraged from starting new threads? I find it extreamy dissmissive and off putting to ask a question or start a thread only to be brushed off and told to do a search on the topic.
No one is discouraged from posting a new topic. If you're referring to some of my posts which include links to existing threads, I simply encourage people to do a search and see what's here already. That doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't post new threads. Most forums to which I have belonged do ask members to search first before posting. However, it's not a requirement here (hell, we know most folks never even bother to read the Guidelines). <sigh>

This forum is a goldmine of information and it seems a waste if people don't at least make an effort to find previous discussions on a topic. It doesn't matter how old the threads are - there have been a lot of problems, situations, and interesting questions posted here, and much wisdom shared here over the years - why shouldn't we encourage new members to take advantage of that? That's why we tag discussions - so they can be found again at a later point by doing a Tag Search. Furthermore, it's always a good idea to get in the habit of adding Tags to threads, your own and other people's, for this very reason.
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