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Thanks for the replies. I've had a look through the threads (there are alot!) and have found a couple but i haven't really found any that was based on what someone was feeling, how they approached their long term partner, what hiccups they had and how its going (i don't ask for much eh? ha but then i could just be blind)

I do think society has imprinted on us what is right what is wrong in regards to a relationship they make it so black and white, you're either a cheat or faithfull, you should break up with your partner if you have feelings for others because it means you don't truely love them blah blah blah pfft. I can also see how religion does have a bit to do with it aswell i think it comes down to the ol' women have less rights than men thing so whats good for the goose wasn't good for the gander (i'm an atheist for the record heh)

I trust my guy 100% and i think you need that bases for an open relationship to work, i never thought i'd trust someone so completely that this would be possible! I have never cheated on him and i never will but i realy can't ignore these feelings so my only option really is to talk about it with him, i can't imagine life without him being in it...i know he always wants to make me happy so i don't think he will say no but i dont want him to be unhappy either!. I'm not wanting to jump into anything asap its like a case of it if happens it happens and i don't have to feel bad/guilty about it or wanting it.

I might get the courage to talk to him this weekend....

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