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I don't mind old threads being brought back into discussion but I very seldom post on them. Even if the topic is one that interests me I know that it's likely the posters have left or gone inactive or forgotten all about a discussion they had on May 16, 2011. I avoid the older posts.

Along the same train of thought, is it standard practice for new posters to be discouraged from starting new threads? I find it extreamy dissmissive and off putting to ask a question or start a thread only to be brushed off and told to do a search on the topic.

Yeah. Things have been talked about and talked about. But I haven't talked about them yet. I'd like to engage in a discussion. Rather than be sent off to the search function to read a discussion someone else had on the topic months or years before poly was even a blip on my radar.

It has me hesitant to post much of anything. I find it unfriendly. I'm sure the intention is simply to offer posters more information but it feels like "we talked about this without you. Piss off Newbie". I've contemplated leaving the boards because of it.
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