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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Congrats on coming so far in being honest about who you really are. If we can't be ourselves in this life, what is the point? Really.

I also lived a lie of monogamy for a long time, although I didn't even have religion as an excuse (being atheist with pagan leanings since my teens), but just traditional cultural programming.

You might check out our Spirituality board here, as well as get a copy of Opening Up.

Be patient with your wife. The concept of polyamory or polysexuality can be extremely difficult to accept for some. You might even need couples counseling with a poly-friendly therapist, especially since you have a history of cheating to overcome.
How does one go about finding a "poly-friendly" counselor?

I get the feeling my wife would want a Christian counselor. I would be opposed to that on multiple levels.
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