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Originally Posted by noob View Post makes me uneasy that he's continually framing things in terms of me falling for someone and leaving, or him falling for someone and leaving. Since the way I understand is not about leaving someone for someone else.
Hi Noob,

Yea - we talk about this kind of thing quite a lot - and in a lot of different contexts.
You have to acknowledge how our brains learn and where that ends up showing up in our lives. If we see lightning we expect thunder.

But areas like this - relationships - aren't that that locked to the rigid rule of science.

Your husband, if he's so inclined, can do some serious reading & research and quickly realize that while serial monogamy (or it's equivalent) may be what most of us have seen around us, there ARE options that have been in play for thousands of years. Just flying below the radar. And as they have been poking their heads higher in recent years they've been attracting more attention. And gaining popularity.

Encourage him to read and research. It will help you both.

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