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Lightbulb Insightful response

We already received an insightful response stating we are not actually looking for a polyamorous relationship, but a doormat, because we're looking to leave sex out of it yet asking for a full commitment.

We want to acknowledge that this is true, we do not want sex, but be educated that there are many asexual individuals who thrive on the intimacy we would love to give another person. In our situation, we can't fulfill each other's needs completely...I'm not sure any two people can...but perhaps with three we can get closer and make another person happy too. I believe many poly relationships start like that. If you call joining a family and receiving all the benefits of having two loving partners, an incredibly stable life, and no pressure to be sexual if you are asexual being a doormat then I'd love to be one. We were candid in saying what our relationship lacked before adding a person in order to find a better fit, and to the right person we will talk more about it if it even matters.

I know it's a free forum, but please be mindful that there are many forms of polyamory and a situation that does not appeal to you is probably best left alone. It's like me saying you just want someone new to screw to a poly couple seeking a sexual woman for him. That's narrow-minded and unproductive.
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