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Last Friday night I went to kickboxer's (formerly KB somewhere in this blog) new place. First time we met not at his work. I had a good time. Hooking up as fwb has been over 7 months in the making. He's definitely reserved and going through a lot. He just moved that Monday before hand into his new place. He's getting divorced. His housemate invaded our hang out time (good thing it was after experiencing each other). We had started watching Fight Club (love that movie) and the room filled up with his friends (it was kickboxer's birthday weekend). The house mate's brother was so interesting...enough that I have not stopped thinking about him. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed his conversation, the way he looked at me (well that I did when I was there), his looks, personality....I still think about him today. I don't have any idea of how to contact him either. I know, I know, I could just ask kickboxer for his number....but feel kinda strange doing that.

Tonight I am going to see the mechanic (KW from before), my 22 year old, I met back in November. We reconnected via text a few weeks ago...and I've been more realistic about him this time. Yesterday he asked if after this week, from now on, we'd meet on Sundays...I didn't commit since things went backwards with him last time on making plans to continue seeing each other that this time around, it's all up to him. I have no expectation except fwb, enjoy his youth and how I enjoy him in a bed.

I figure until I'm actually able to give more of myself in time (two days a week and not only one) my dating for a serious relationship is on hold. I might as well enjoy the here and now...and that makes me happy actually.

Back to the friend of kickboxer's...maybe next week I'll get the courage to ask for the number. I mean, why not, and his friend is actually doing the framing work on house that is getting built near my home. I just am never around during the day to try to find it cause if I could, I'd just go by there and say "hi". Yes the friend told me where he's working since they all live 30 minutes away and we got to talking a lot. He was so cool!

bassman is working until 9 tonight so I'll be off around 10:30. Apparently guys I like can only meet late at night. Good thing I can sleep in a little tomorrow.
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