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Originally Posted by JacksonCage View Post
It seems as if he, his lovers... and people in many posts I've read here sort of just consider HPV and HSV as "part of the poly thing" that you'll get eventually. Which is why he failed to mention this until asked.
Worse than that, many people just see it as "part of the sexually active thing." They figure that because people with STI's get stigmatized, it somehow gives them the right to hide this fact because it means they might not get laid, and that would disappoint them.

Well boo-fucking-hoo. Your disappointment does not outweigh my right to make autonomous choices about my sexual health.

That said, it's every person's responsibility to ASK about STI status. Take nothing for granted. Many people follow the "I won't disclose voluntarily, but I'll confess if asked" rule. I personally think that's shady, but to each their own I guess.
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