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Saturday morning;

Mono and PN are out picking up wood to make raised beds in the vegetable garden. LB and I are preparing for his friend to come over for the night. I sit in the sun with the coffee Mono brought me and think about Brad coming home from his holidays today, AJ (my ex wife) coming skating with the young boys and I later, an evening of playing Settlers and eating pizza with family and friends and how damned happy I am I made the choices I did in getting my life back on line.

PN has gone through some really hard stuff lately and I have had the chance to prove to him that I, all of us, are here for him as we are his family. I spent time with Ken this week and we are bonding again. I have had a chance to support and give to Derby of late too and that makes me happy. I am loving getting the chance to give back to those who have given to me.

Here's to life and going with the doors that open, the honest, truthful to me route, and walking through fear regardless of the outcome.
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