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Wednesday night was fairly quiet due to me having a headache, we pretty much were in and out of bed all afternoon and evening. Lots of sex ,cuddles and chatting. I told Prof I was the human equivalent of Ambien to him, naps and early nights. He said it worked for him as his life was so hectic, it gives him a chance to catch up and rest.
We talked a lot about sex, I had taken a fairly strong pain killer and was a bit fuzzy and very relaxed. Some of it was old ground and some new. We discussed what was good sex, he said he he enjoyed me because of the openness to try new things and that he had got to explore his kink much more than before. He said I was the reason he booked the original set of classes with the Pro-Domme; I thought he had discussed it with S before but I could be confused. He has booked a training weekend with the same Pro-Domme for March and wants me to go with him to one of the days and wear the tennis outfit. It is a group training, which makes me a little nervous, talking to people, funny that it the issue, not getting half-naked and being whipped!
I keep thinking that he was well on the kink track before I met him. He said he wanted to be but hadn't done too much about it, had a few basics and played a bit. All the furniture purchases and many of the toy purchases were got with me in mind. It is nice to be flattered a little, especially when one is feeling crappy.
I have an OKC date lined up for a couple of weeks time. We chatted on the phone, the dude was asking some very in depth relationship type questions, which I said I wasn't comfortable discussing over the phone. Am I friendly with my ex? Why did we get divorced?

Speaking of which, I got my copies of various documents stamped at the court and sent off my tax return via mail.
And I am going to start rounding up the paperwork to take to a lawyer to get the divorce rolling again. I needed to get something else filed first which I also did this week .
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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