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Originally Posted by MandyMeister View Post
Well turns out since I've been accusing him so much, he set me up.
WOAH! OP, this is not loving behavior. I'm going to go further than everyone else here... that's straight up abusive.

He is going away to Florida tomorrow morning for three days and two nights (!!) and he said temporarily we're back together but he is going to think about everything and tell me the final outcome Thursday when he gets back. He told me he still loves me tho..What should I do??
Again, this is abusive. This is not loving, caring behavior, it's emotional blackmail. At the very least, it is extremely childish and not based in love and respect.

IMO, I don't think you should wait for him to decide. I think it's time to move on.

Additionally, extreme jealousy and obsession with cheating can put a huge strain on any relationship. I think you should talk with someone about this and get it worked out. Your health is important.