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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Careful there're coming off as a bit hollier than thou and all enlightened because you are non-monogamous. No projecting your values and beliefs on the rest of us. I don't argue but am sensitive that there are others struggling with thier partners on here and wouldn't want them to think there is something wrong with them. Unless you are in fact saying you are more evolved and a bigger person because you choose to spread your affection around as opposed to focussing it on one....not that there is anything wrong with that
Well, there - see. I didn't read that in there at all ?

I just picked up a general sentiment about the light bulb going off about the dangers inherent in subscribing to tightly to the "common model" of monogamy. And there ARE dangers. Now that's not saying that someone can't be totally happy and fulfilled by living monogamously, but that the chances of that happening are lessened if one is not aware of the pitfalls involved.

Like anything else.

Driving 120 MPH is a dangerous proposition. But it IS possible ! And that danger can be significantly lessened by knowing the road, knowing your vehicle, and knowing yourself. Choosing that drive is one of many choices. But if your accelerator is stuck in a vehicle you've never driven, on a dark foggy mountain road...........well - you get the idea

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