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Default I think I made a mistake

Ok here is a intro on my life I'm a single mother going thru a divorce and poly is very new to me but I have been interested in seeing what poly was and since Jan of this year I started to be the unicorn to a married couple they have been together for 11 yrs but been married almost 4 yrs... I feel like I'm coming in between their marriage but they say I ain't .. My gf I'll call her E and my bf and her husband I'll call him P.. E works first shift and P works third shift so the morning before P goes to bed I sit nod talk to him and at might while P is at work I spend time with E. E thinks that me and P spend more time together then her and P does but what she fails to realize me and P really dint spend that much time together.... Today me and P were talking and he told me that till we all get all the issues worked out between us that he was not going to have intercourse with either of us but ended up having sex with E, no I'm not mad or upset that they had sex I'm more upset that he lied to me, all he had to tell me was that he didn't want to have sex with me that he just wanted to have sex with E but no he lied to me and told me that he wasn't going to have sex with either of us yes I understand that's his wife but don't tell me one thing and do another maybe I'm wrong or maybe I ain't. When they fight they push me away when they both ignore me.... I just wish things could get better for us I love them and their kids dearly and they love me and my son dearly... Some advice would be apprecaited
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