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If you would honestly rather be single? Break up for good and be single then. Stop sharing sex with your ex. Start behaving like he is your ex. Most people don't live with their ex.

Depression is anger turned inward and you have a lot to be angry about. Start expressing more in appropriate ways. Seek a counselor.

He is a mooch and he discounts your feelings and strings you along manipulating you. It is not your job to "complete him" or support him or whatever. He can deal with his disappointment appropriately like a grown up and not be glomming on you making it hard for you to leave. You do not exist to create his happiness in his life for him. You exist to create your happiness in your life for yourself. You are not being territorial to express unhappiness and want to leave a relationship that is not fulfilling for you or the shape you want it to be for your romances. You are allowed to withdraw your participation with dignity. You seem to recognize it is unhealthy here.

Do a different behavior so you can start to feel better. I strongly suggest you stop participating here.

I strongly suggest you call your parents from work so you are not overheard by roomies to come help you get out of this toxic environment. These people are not behaving friendly toward you. This is all less than loving behavior. Rather than fearing losing fake friends/bad lovers... You go for what you honestly want ... Being single!

Continue to love him for now if you must, but get your body out of the line of fire. Usually one must leave abuse physically before they can leave mentally and emotionally. Your thoughts and feelings can catch up later once you are free from bad environment and can heal some. In time you will detach and with counseling your depression will heal. Please ask for the help you need.

You could allow this to happen and allow yourself to move it forward rather than staying stuck. Don't stand on pride. Call the parents. Get on the path to wellness. Do not continue on the hurtful path. You can do this. GL!


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