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Originally Posted by SnowCrystal View Post
It is so refreshing to see I am not alone. I am almost feeling forced into a polygamous relationship that I do not want to be in. I am straight monogamous, and he is poly... it is hard. He wants a partner with us other that just us. The other problem is the other girl, him and myself all live together, and I just do not know what to do.
Hey there SnowCrystal,

I caught your other thread and wanted to send a couple more virtual hugs your way. My situation isn't the same as yours, so I may not be able to empathize all that well (sorry), but if you need an ear feel free to PM me (this blog thread may not be the best place if you want to vent ).

Luckily, P and M1 have been extremely respectful and good about trying to all get together and work through our difficult moments when we have them. I tend to have more than they do, but their difficult moments come up once in a while too. It's okay to have feelings and misgivings, and I'm lucky to have a partner and metamour who are understanding of all that.

I just need a place to toss around my thoughts and vent a little once in a while.

Hoping for the best for you...
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