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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
I empathize with this. I think I'm 50/50 intro and extroverted. I have phases where all my communication was online and just happy, content being stuck in a bubble. Then at times, I get the stir crazy, gonna climb the walls feeling that I'm going to go crazy if I'm stuck at home (Fridays always does this to me).

When I'm in my introvert mode, I recall I was all over fb. Now when I'm in this mode, I just don't have the time to post but am still lurking around.

With strangers, I'm a huge extrovert. My kids get embarrassed that I'll just start a conversation with any one.

Sorry I'm rambling...just wanted to point out some people do have split personality tendencies with this virtual medium called the internet even if in person they only have one personality.
I appreciate you sharing your POV, since it really threw me for a loop when seeing it in M1, especially when she's so quiet in group social situations (even with strangers).

I tend to be a little territorial too (I'd say "Yeah, duh, I'm Mono" but I don't think it's just being mono - I think it's just being ME ), so when I see M1 all over Facebook, especially all over P's stuff on Facebook, I tend to see it as marking her territory, which makes me both feel like I need to do the same, but aggravated because I don't want to do the same and it would feel unnatural to do it, so I end up bent out of shape feeling like she's planted her flag on Planet P, and I'm sitting off to the side, invisible.

I know from talking with her that she's NOT territorial, and not actively doing this, so I do keep just dealing with the emotions and moving on, but it's funny how different world views and different social interaction styles can cause conflict without ever meaning to.

The part of me that geeks out over psychology is fascinated with this stuff, though, even when it causes me grief. It's actually fun when I can put the emotional, personal side down and look at this as an outside observer.

Always an adventure...
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