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Yep, same thing. Leo decided to help me by building a couples profile on a site. He's been checking people out and sending messages or replying. Since I'm the front woman on the site ( the profile pic is of me), lots of messages have been coming in. Par for the course, but he's never seen it from this end before. He pointed someone out to me that he hoped might be open to being a third, I liked what I saw and started messaging the man. I asked Leo yesterday if he would be open to me seeing him alone if he wasn't interested in a threesome or triad. His mood shifted immediately, though he said "why not?" Today, he volunteers that made him angry because it's not safe for me to meet men by myself. That's how I met Leo! lol. I told him of course I would be safe and he saw the message I had sent asking if he would meet us for drinks. Honestly, I think it's a smoke screen. I'm not so excited that I'm looking to just jump in the deep end immediately. It was an idle question. But now I have a whole lot more questions. Is he saying he doesn't want me to date any other men without him? Has he decided not to date others if I'm not involved with the date? Or does he want to stay open to dating women alone, but I only date with him? Or is it open for both of us to date and he's just struggling with it? He asked what I want. Honestly, I'm not that invested in it. I'd be perfectly happy going back to being mono. I have nothing to lose. But I won't agree to a one penis policy with women still on the table. I'm just not that attracted to women; I prefer men. I'm just open to women and occassionally am attracted to a woman. I foresee a long conversation in my future.
Me - Mostly mono female, 39 yrs old, married to Leo.
Leo - Poly bi-sexual male, 37 years old. Married to me and looking.

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