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Originally Posted by Marco View Post
But after awhile aren't the rules annoyingly restrictive? Making individual relationships seem less than authentic? Like you two can't really be yourselves without upsetting their significant other?

I think this would be a individual thing. For some I'm sure rules/boundaries are agreed upon with the idea that they are a starting point to build stability so that eventually they can be relaxed and maybe even removed. There are also the rules/boundaries that are core to the sustainability of a relationship for either both or one of the partners.

If you are feeling held back the only thing you can do is take that head on and see what if any give or flexibilty there is to feel free within your relationship. For some, certain rules have no flexibility and in that case, the end or reshaping of the relationship may be required for both to be healthy in the long run....for others the relationship may morph and expectations may change and be sustainable in a new and "less restrictive" manner.

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