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Originally Posted by SouthernGal View Post
Moving forward very slowly. Leo has been trying to be open and understanding about the idea of me having another relationship. It strikes me as so odd that it comes so naturally to him to be able to see other people, but the idea of me stepping into the pool sent him on a tizzy. Right now, we're at a point where he's saying okay, but I want to be involved. I understand that point. I was there once. But I also know that's not likely to work. Baby steps. The last thing I want to do is implode my relationship with him. He's trying and being repectful, so I'm willing to give him my patience and understanding. We're in this together.
Isn't it interesting how this is working out? It's about the same for us. In the beginning, I had tons of contacts on okc which unraveled bassman. I hadn't even made dates and he had a hard time with it. And now, viola, he's in love and has a serious relationship. Yes baby's the only way to make these transitions smooth.
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