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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
If I'm alone (snowstorm, for example) with little to do, I go stir crazy. If I can't get out, I'm online. I *need* to connect with people. So I didn't understand how someone who gets their "recharge" from being alone would want to be all over FB as well. For me, it's a (lackluster) replacement for in-person social activity. For her, I'm guessing, it's a very different animal.

We all see things through our own filters. It's interesting to read articles written from someone else's POV. Much like why I'm on Poly boards.
I empathize with this. I think I'm 50/50 intro and extroverted. I have phases where all my communication was online and just happy, content being stuck in a bubble. Then at times, I get the stir crazy, gonna climb the walls feeling that I'm going to go crazy if I'm stuck at home (Fridays always does this to me).

When I'm in my introvert mode, I recall I was all over fb. Now when I'm in this mode, I just don't have the time to post but am still lurking around.

With strangers, I'm a huge extrovert. My kids get embarrassed that I'll just start a conversation with any one.

Sorry I'm rambling...just wanted to point out some people do have split personality tendencies with this virtual medium called the internet even if in person they only have one personality.
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