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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
My way of seeing it is that I try to treat each person as if I were a guest in their lives but also a host. What I mean is that I am invited into their lives and should act like a guest as a result. To be welcomed in by anyone is an honour in my eyes. I should do my best to show them respect, compassion, honour them and have good manners in all senses. A guest also is interested in the person that has welcomed them in and is full of wonder. I should make sure that I give the person space to grow and learn for themselves.

I am also hosting them to my life and have welcomed them in too. I expect that I also will be honoured, respected, my things be respected, my home be respected (my body too), that I am shown compassion and good manners in terms of showing up for events, being careful to speak a certain way around my child, ask if I want to do such and such rather than assume, call me when you say you will, etc. All these things are what I value in other people and what I value for myself. I expect space to grow and learn for myself but also to hear others stories and opinions of what I do while keeping my integrity in tact as I would endeavor to keep theirs intact also. I want to be interesting and full of wonder for those in my life and always be a joy to be around... or at least loved and appreciated when I'm not. As I would want to give to them in the same way.
This is just awesome...and unfortunately I have nothing to add to it...just pointing at the awesome.
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