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When you have a history of abuse and haven't fully healed from it yet, you are easy to spot by predators or people who are willing to take advantage if another person. Trust me, I know from first hand experience. Gas-lighting you, setting you up with a situation anyone would find suspucious, then blaming you is textbook behavior for someine setting you up to be controled and/or abused again. Please think about that and rescue yourself. Go to friends and family who love you and will help you heal rather than try to tske advantage if your weakened state. I promise you deserve better. At best, your bf is being a jerk and takung your emotional health too lightly. If he is just a dumbass, let the break up stand as it is now, finish healing, and then see if you want to give him another shot when you are coming from a position of strength and he will be glad. But on the outside looking in, he's grooming you to be an abuse victim again.
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