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Default Am I crazy?

Hi everyone. I'm a lurker and decided to post with my particular problem....So last year or so, the hubby and I decided to slowly open up our relationship to poly. Previously, we had been mono for 7 years. Anyhow, we've made a couple mistakes but we have learned from our mistakes along the way. We've established rules and boundaries and have improved our communication. I do believe we have solid foundation for our poly journey.

Anyhow, I'm bi, by the way. So after searching for almost a year, I found a great young lady and I like her alot. I can totally see falling in love with her some day. What's problem, right? Well, hubby has finally found someone. And....I don't want him with other women. LOL, Crazy right? I'm being hypocritical, I know. I can be with other women but he can't ?! He totally supports me being bi and being with women. I just can't wrap my head around it.

We've come to the agreement that he can pursue her and see what happens. But I'm still not sure about it. Am I crazy? I do believe I'm poly so why am I struggling with the idea of him being and loving another woman? How can I get over this? Can I ever be happy that he's found someone else?

I want him to be happy, of course, which is why I agreed to him pursing this lady. What's my problem?!

I am in contact with the lady as well via FB. I thought maybe getting to know her would help. Is this ok?

Please don't beat me up over this. I am truly looking for advice to help me become more comfortable with the idea.

Thank you!
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