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Unhappy Trust issues

Ok here's the thing. I've been abused, verbally/emotionally/mentally by exes. I come across my current boyfriend(I think he still is temporarily) and he's almost too good to be true. So things come up to make me question his fidelity. And yesterday I found too many things.. Like Whipped cream, new women's body gel in the bathroom, and two missing condoms out of his closet. (What am I to think??) Well turns out since I've been accusing him so much, he set me up. He pulled out the "used" condoms.. Turns out they fell in his clothes when he was moving things around. Now he says enough's enough, he wants to break up. I obviously don't because although I do have a little bit of trust issues, I never did anything wrong. He is going away to Florida tomorrow morning for three days and two nights (!!) and he said temporarily we're back together but he is going to think about everything and tell me the final outcome Thursday when he gets back. He told me he still loves me tho..What should I do??