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So we spent the entire night laughing, talking and feeling the energy crackle between us on my couch last night, until 2 am. Then we retired to the bedroom and stayed up until 6 am.

We slept in until 11 am and then he had to work - we only got 5 hours of sleep total, but it was restful. He wrapped himself around me the entire time we were in bed together - a full body hug. He enjoys holding and I fell asleep pressed against him. Just wonderful. Just what I needed.

He asked what I wanted to call us - were we dating?? Left it hanging and I said, well, I would like to call you my boyfriend and he just lit up. He was hoping I would say that.

The NRE I am feeling is incredible. So blissful.

I did message Greg and tell him I wouldn't be seeing him anymore. That was kind of hard. He wrote back and said he was sad, that he had really liked me and that he hoped I wouldn't forget him. Aw! I didn't answer because I wasn't sure what to say. I had liked him, but there is no comparison.

I am going to a clothing optional pajama movie night in Baltimore tomorrow, and PunkRockAwesomesauce is ok with me going. I am kind of meh about it now, though I am excited about hanging out with the new women-friends I met last weekend. Really though, I am looking forward to seeing PunkRockAwesomesauce again on Saturday. Feeling squee!
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