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Yes, and french onion soup is one of my favorites.

I have never heard of a french onion soup with meat. So my recipes wouldn't help. The gist of mine

Cook 10 to 20 onions in butter/oil combo until they are translucent
Add sugar and salt to caramelize them
Create what is essentially a reux using 1 cup beef stock and flour added to the onions. (add flour first to coat them, cook for a few minutes then stir in WARM stock)
Add 1 bottle of low quality red wine (the flavour is strong enough to stick)
Add bay leaf
Let simmer and reduce

I only love gruyere for the cheese, hard to beat since this particular soup is very strong flavoured and you need the power cheese to match.

Not really a fan of adding anything else, but I do have friends that basically make a beef soup with lots of onions.

Unless I am reading that wrong and you intend to pull the meat out essentially making the stock first, then making the soup with the remove meat?
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