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Thanks for more details.

He tells me in one sentence that he thinks this will end badly for me and I should be aware of this
Sounds like he is AFRAID it will end badly. Could respond with
"Thank you. I appreciate your concern for my well being.
  • T could break up with me.
  • I could break up with her.
  • She could break up with you.
  • You could break up with her.
  • She could break up with BOTH of us.
  • Both of us could break up with her.

I am aware of these risks. I am prepared to deal with any of them. They are part of the price of admission here to polyship together. The polyship could end in various ways.

Did you want to talk about all this with T? Figure out what is the break up preferences are? So if the polyship has to end it can end WELL rather than badly? "
in the next sentence he said he wasn't trying to discourage me.
Could say "Ok. Thanks."

To me he sounds like he wants to get the lay of the land so he can know what to expect. Can't predict every little thing, but figuring out how the preferred break up scene (if it has to happen) could happen WELL rather than horrible chaos sounds fine to me.

If you can't talk about it before you start the trip when you are still kicking the tires checking it all out... you prefer to be talking about after you bought the car, started the journey, and the fit hits the shan and you come to find there's no jack in the trunk?

I can't see how that is preferable. I actually don't mind talking about breaking up early on (nutty as it might sound) because if the potential has a freak out over just TALK?

I might not want to date them further and experience them in an actual break up having an even bigger freak out.


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