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What makes you not believe him?
I want to believe him, but what he says and how he "presents" it are very conflicting. He tells me in one sentence that he thinks this will end badly for me and I should be aware of this, but in the next sentence he said he wasn't trying to discourage me. I'm not saying that I don't believe him, but his statements paired with the "vibe" he gives off is concerning.

D has come out and said that his main curiosity or interest in poly was mainly for T's benefit. It's something she grew UP around and it is something she has a strong interest/belief in. She identifies as poly. I think he would not under normal circumstances. While he is very open minded and non judgmental, I just don't see it being a life choice for him. I think he'd be more inclined to be an "occasional" sexual partner in a non-mono friendship/relationship but not deep on the emotional connection. (Just my impression of his personality type from the BRIEF interaction I've had with him, I could be WAY off base)

I will continue to ask for clarification as things go forward. I want to be able to get clear answers regarding these questions. Thank you for the suggestions on how to ask these questions.

I would still love to hear others' experiences if they have ever had such an arrangement and how they worked through it (if they were able to).
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