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What we have to offer is a stable relationship. A family to come home to, friends that she can vent to, lovers that fulfill her desires, someone to assist her in raising her child, people that put her in her place when she is wrong and be her biggest supporters when she's right, help with money if and when it is ever needed, people that make her laugh and holds her when she cries. The things that i think we all want. And yes she is bisexual.

We would most likely keep the living arrangement that we currently have for now, maybe later on get a bigger house together. Yes, it seems she is into each of us, each for different reasons. She had a newborn and we have a one year old.

And yes I think she does want to date, she has been alone since the beginning of her pregnancy. I know that lack of intimacy is killing her. She does have a lot on her plate, and we would love to relive some of that for her.

You may be right, but we're hoping you are wrong. You do bring up good points though.

I totally agree, we have offered countless times to do things for him. She is kinda over protective of her little one (all new mothers are), so she hasn't taken us up on many of those offers. However, I'm sure as time goes by that she will start allowing us to do more for him and for her as well.

I agree with you that it is mostly C. Since her pregnancy B has been wanting to give her a day at the spa, to have a day of relaxation and maybe process everything that has gone on in the last year or so. We got that for her today. However, my wife doesn't know that I got her the same thing and that they will be going together. That's a valentines gift to my wife. I think the both will have an awesome day together without the kids and maybe some bonding that they really haven't been able to do lately. I also agree that each of us will need lots of one on one time.

Thanks for the advice on this. I'll keep you all posted as this progresses.
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