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Originally Posted by LoveBirds View Post
Everyone keeps talking about reality with this stuff. I think most people are just so envious of others and full of themselves that they cannot bare the though of happiness. I will def get there. It is a reality It will happen. I remember thinking I would never find a girl to fall in love with. Sigh......I love people. I wish everyone the best all the time.
Wow, that's really judgmental. People are saying, what works for you and your group works and go for it! Just that it doesn't mean it works for everyone else. Just because you have discovered YOUR ideal doesnt' mean it is THE ideal and to say so is rude and demeaning to others that don't share your opinion. Telling someone they are just jealous or afraid because they dont' want what you want? Is a big red flag for me. It shows a disrespect to others around that may not share your beliefs or goals.
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