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Originally Posted by LoveBirds View Post
This is just my opinion. I think it works better when everyone lives together because it's easier to share emotions. I also think you should be sharing all those emotions with everyone and be comfortable with yourselves and others. For me I am not in this situation but soon to be having a GF that has a GF with any luck and I prefer to live together eventually. Just easier to share things as a family. Just my opinon. I don't mean any harm and I am not a pig. Just new here and we are both here. nice to meet you.

Many many people like the idea of living together. Eventually. The thing is, that may not work for everyone. I'm a puppy pile kind of person. I'm good sleeping in a bed or hanging out in a group and cuddling, the more the merrier! Of course, my love language is physical touch, so be a cuddler and I'm in!

I guess for me, I learned that there's what you picture, what you hope for, and there's realistic. Neither of my guys would be comfortable sharing a home with other men. Not because they would always be butting heads about who is the MAN of the house, but the opposite. Finding a way to have their own space and not infringe on the other. It's just the kind of men they are. Since the idea of all of us living together would mean both of them constantly uncomfortable in their own home, heads down, apologizing when they enter a room, I'M more comfortable with us not sharing a home! Really it's just taking into account that what YOU want is not necessarily what everyone else wants! Everyone is different.

Actually, I hear a lot of people unhappy with feeling like they are 'only secondary', yet I have a friend that when she found out we were poly decided to look into it. She's single, career driven, brilliant and in a large city. She met a couple, started dating the man, became friends with the woman and finds that it's the perfect situation! FOR HER. She likes not having to have a primary responsibility in a relationship. So really, totally about the individuals involved, not about what one person wants.
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