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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
I understand my metamour and her husband would like our families to be super close and they are very wonderful people but all of a sudden my anxiety is up and I realize I'm not ready for in person love share (being okay with watching my partner be all kissy with my metamour). I know some love this but for me personally I am just not there,yet. Maybe I will be and maybe I will never be.
The only reason my GF and I have ever considered being with other people was specfically to watch each other do it. It's a turn on as far as we are concerned. The anxiety is natural, it's a new stange thing. You gotta learn how to grab that energy and push forward. There is nothing to stop you and nothing wrong with any of it. If your relationship is strong nothing can destroy it. You can always watch some porn relating to the situations to kind of prep yourself. I hope this helps.
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