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Default Our Spiritulaity

I think it's time everyone grows up, or a time when they should anyway. Being good to people, listening to people and always accepting others no matter what their opinon might be.

We always take the time to hear what the other has to say, even if it's the same old thing but we don't repeat mistakes. We are one with our higher selves and with each other. It seems a few people here assume that we just want sex with a third woman and that's it. We want so much more than that. Besides if all of this wasn't about sex (for everyone) than these people would just be friends with each other here and there wouldn't be as many problems in the relationships.

If everyone was happy with themselves there would be no jealousy, there would be no hate. If my GF wants to have a friend that can talk to her the way no one else can than I am not only failing as a BF but also as a friend. There isn't one thing that we can't talk to each other about. Not one. We see a lot of people hurting out there and we know they are spirtually bound.

Meditating a couple times a week when you are stressed and not making a big deal out of it works very well for me. Now I can almost feel my body sleeping as I lie there concious. Give it a shot. That combined with Yoga and a good diet you will be unstoppable.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch or something but it isn't, I have seen a lot and been through almost every type of relationship. To me, everything starts at Spirtuality, whether you are atheist or Catholic there are some rules that apply to everyone outside the body. If anyone would like to have a nice discussion involving any of these things please respond I would love to hear what other people think. -Rob
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