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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Generally people start threads here looking for advice. If you don't want any, and just hunting for a gf to "share" with your wife, NYCindie, a mod, can move your thread to our personals section.

You probably won't find a unicorn here, however. That is why they are called unicorns.
Generally introductions threads are for introductions. We are looking for a third partner. Are you threatening to have my thread moved because you think I made this thread to find a date? Why are you two so threatened by us we are just trying to be nice. Saying I don't want advice is fine. I didn't see that rule anywhere and who are you to judge us by saying we're here to just find a date and so what if we were Magdlyn? Either way this thread is not about all the perversion you're assuming and neither is my visit here. Can you just leave me alone? What is so bad? Why did you do this to our first thread? Thanks a lot.