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I wonder why no one has pointed out one simple thing, LadyLigeia. If you have a sexual relationship with someone you would not otherwise have chosen for such, who compensates you financially, you are a prostitute. Maybe this doesn't bother you. I can sure understand why it would bother your boyfriend though. You may have found a "sugar daddy" who doesn't expect you to put out on the first or second date, but I assure you, he will expect it in time. That is the whole point of such arrangements.

I get that it is tough out there. I retrained for a different kind of work fairly late in life and now I work a physically demanding and sometimes physically painful job, for significantly less money than I used to make sitting in an office. I am lucky that I like what I am doing now even though the money is shit, and that I can afford to work a low-paying job (since Mr. ScarletZinnia makes tons more than I do). But still, it's given me a window into how the other half lives. I work with a few people who speak little English and have no skills to speak of, who pull in ten bucks an hour or so doing some very physically demanding work. One of them has a wife and daughter and has been saving money for years to buy a house. He's looking in a town that is very depressed and a long way from anywhere, because houses are cheap there. I hope he gets it.

Anyway, my point is, I don't think you have to prostitute yourself to pay back your student loans. If you are living in an area that has a pool of wealthy men who are willing to pay you for sex, I imagine that area also has some jobs. Maybe not what your schooling suited you for, but jobs. What about waitressing? Waitresses can make some pretty good money in the more expensive restaurants. Reception work, babysitting, home health care aide? Good old retail?

You say your father criticizes you for "being shitty at the menial jobs you have been getting." Well, try taking those jobs more seriously. It's better than being a prostitute, or watching your father continue to kill himself to pay off your student loans.
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