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Thanks KDT for your post.

Offcourse a writer choosing a poly-type character in a story just might indicate that the writer himself has interests in that matter (grin), so some of the RA principles do ring home with me. Others, I'm puzzled by and need some research.

So far I've spent my time here reading the "historical" part of JaneQSmythe's lifestory, which I find (apart from being personally intrigued) to have very usefull bits and peaces to mold my character around.

I guess an update of my introduction is at place, to include my personal interest, complex feelings, and relationship-situation towards polyamory. This not only to clarify any (semi) subconcious issues and so doing, enrich my conscious life, but also to give even more body to this character, since writing and living for me are strongly interweaved.
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