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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hello & welcome!

Dating together isn't usually very successful when it's planned. It is nigh on impossible to find someone who will be equally interested in two people who are a couple, if you're looking for more than just sexual hook-ups. If it's emotional/romantic involvement you want, that kind of dynamic (known as a triad) is often something that evolves naturally out of relationships that start out separately at first. However, successful triads are extremely rare.

Be open to each of you pursuing your own relationships independently, and take your time, and it's possible that down the road you might find that one of you has a partner who wants to be with both of you. But it's not very likely that you'll be able to create a triad right off the bat - at least not in a healthy, loving way, though you could probably find people for short-term flings and threesomes right away.
I completely disagree with you. I am out to create a successful triad and so is my girlfriend. We don't want to have separate boyfriend and girlfriend. That's not what polyamory is about to us. It is very likely that this will happen and soon because there is someone out there who can fit perfectly. These are different times that we lived in. For example, when I was in grade school (1st) there was one kid in my school who's parents were divorced. All I'm trying to say is that people have needs and instead of having booty calls on the side we'd rather share. She's bisexual, I'm not. I don't want her with another man and she doesn't want another man. She wants a woman. Whether we all start living together is one thing, and that's hard to do but with time it will happen. Thanks for the welcoming and yes sir, ferrets steal your heart.