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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
OP... Your wife would have been ripped to shreds on here regarding her cheating.

No one on here would condone our support her behavior.

Getting married and having children is a huge responsibility which requires lifelong commitment. Some people, poly and monogamous, do it successfully and others don't. While this forum doesn't condone her cheating, it also doesn't condone your misunderstanding or refusal to accept that we aren't a bunch of degenerates.

To be honest, your case is the exact reason why I'm wary of marriage and refuse to have children. I don't want to deal with that kind of permanence and be forced to sacrifice more time and resources than I have.

I'm sorry that your daughter is suffering from all of this. Polyamory strives for candid communication and consent, neither of which occurred in your case. Nothing pardons her dishonesty, but that doesn't mean we can pardon your disrespect of our collective community. I hope your situation gets better.

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