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Feeling good, basically. Had yesterday and today off from work, which was sorely needed. I'd been feeling a bit run-down. I normally don't have two days off in a row during my regular work-week, so I was able to relax and get some things done.

Been conversing in emails with someone I met online at OKCupid. I had initiated contact with him there, and his replies have been really, really great. He's intelligent, good-looking, really witty, and non-monogamous. Today I told him I'd like to get together with him when he gets back from an upcoming trip. So, we'll see.

Also decided I am going to refinish the wood floors in my apartment. They really need an overhaul and I found a company that does it with a dustless, environmentally-friendly technique. Going to call them next week to get a quote.

Wish I had a few more days off from work, though. Not looking forward to tomorrow. One of the people that works there has been a total beeyotch to me.

Oh well, life goes on.
The world opens up... when you do.

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