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Originally Posted by Cohagen View Post
I haven't called anyone names or flamed anyone either.
Yes, you did. You called me a dipshit before you edited it out and I sent you a warning. You called polyamory "crap" and a "moronic choice." In gorgeouskitten's thread, you called her stupid and made up "proven facts" about polyamory and STDs, drug use, and which are clearly false. These are all ad hominem attacks and flaming.
Originally Posted by Cohagen View Post
A person has to accept the fallout for the stupid shit they do plain and simple you dipshit!
Originally Posted by Cohagen View Post
Quit being so stupid and selfish and for once see the big picture and protect your children from the unimaginable pain that headed there way because of moronic choices you made/make.
Why did you edit out the part explaining that your wife cheated on you? She called it poly, but it was cheating. Polyamory is not the source of your problem; the dishonesty and her betrayal are.
Originally Posted by Cohagen View Post
She choose this crap not me(without my consent, sprung it on me after I accidentally found her secret cell phone and all the texts there on it because she left it on the seat of my truck. So no I didn't go digging in her life.)! I lived and died for my family! No sacrifice was too great! When I had nothing left to give I dug deep and gave some more!
Have you even tried to find out why she chose the cheating path? What problems were there in your marriage prior to her cheating? Are any of you getting therapy or counseling?

I understand that you are hurting and bitter. But you are also unforgiving and not looking for other possibilities that could be at the root of your wife's change in personality and the upheaval of your marriage. You are very wrapped up in your anger and not seeing clearly.
Originally Posted by Cohagen View Post
This will not end well for you. Your on the absolute fringe. No I'm not a anti-poly bigot just a person firmly grounded in harsh reality. Kids will bring up your "lifestyle" at school and then all hell will break loose as the public at large will see you as unfit parents and degenerate scum, (you ofcourse won't feel that way) sad harsh truth of what awaits any soon to be outted poly parent. Brace your selves it won't be pleasant and yes it will happen nothing you can say or do will stop the on coming storm.

Great you wanna have fun and explore love and pleasure with others but you can't have your cake and eat it to . . . Did you that's it's a proven fact that kids from poly families have 95% higher chance of drug use and teen pregnancy and hiv/std infection? Ofcourse not....your situation is different all will be roses and rainbows.

My wife tried to pull this crap on me and now she's a homeless wanna be online hooker who call's me daily begging for help. The havoc her choice caused our Nine year old daughter is beyond words, her school work/behavior, her self confidence wiped out, to ashamed to play with other children no matter how hard I triy to encourage her to be sociable and over come this mess her mother made of our lives. She can't understand why mommie did what she did and made daddy so sad. Truth be told neither can any member of "her " family. Brothers,sisters aunts,uncles all of them disowned her.

Go figure...No one to blame but herself...
As I told you privately, people here will be willing to reach out to you and direct you to resources, or another forum or online community for people who've been cheated on, if you make an effort to cut out the disrespectful name-calling and the villifying of polyamory itself - and ask for the support you need.
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