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Let's start with you "Oh no you, you didn't".

I went to file my taxes online today and my federal got kicked back as someone else was claiming the kids as dependents. There will be no phone call and discussion with the ex over this, he did what he did. I will mail all my court documents ( I went in and got copies stamped ) with my return tomorrow and let the IRS deal with him. I knew I was right but I did check the IRS website just to confirm...he has no standing whatsoever, either as custodial parent or having them the majority of the time. Big documented court ordered NOs to both of those. Bummer is my check will be held up.

Had a fun official second date with Prof on Saturday. He sent of few sweet and sexy texts whilst out of town. We are also looking at setting up an FMF with his friend, I will meet her next week I think.

Class is interesting, some very intense reading, and back to trundling around hallways looking for answers. I quite enjoy doing that part, gets me out of the office and meet different people.

Interesting job is coming up in July but I need to get my classes finished first, bit of a tall order but I am going for it!

Had a Kip chat yesterday, he wanted to meet. I explained why that wouldn't work. He reiterated that most of the stuff was online and he did bad by not being honest. I said we could still meet for lunch or tennis and keep in contact. He said he had stopped seeing IVY ( the nurse), they met twice (he told me once) not because I was asking but because he offered the info. Apparently she had a wild weekend in Vegas and he didn't like the number of partners. He says he never met the flight attendant and wanted to keep seeing me and of course continue with online stuff. I said he was free to do whatever he wanted. I had to stop at that point, things to do.
Much easier letting go with time and space in between.
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