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I haven't called anyone names or flamed anyone either. I'm just saying this lifestyle isn't the rose garden you and so many may think it to be. I read quite a few poly blogs where people have written about things going very very bad. usually husbands getting quite bent out shape and children suffering for it.

My wife flat-out called it poly to my face told me everyone does it these days and that's how it's going to be and I had to accept her desire for this other guy and I told her to her pack-up and be gone when I get back in a very calm and non threatening way. I refuse to be violent with women in any situation.

I answer every boo hoo poor me phone call she makes and i listen to her but I tell her gently you made your choice now deal with it like a grown up I can't help you anymore.

If any of you can make it work or pull it off bully for you.
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