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I'm not neglecting a damn thing!

She choose this crap not me(without my consent, sprung it on me after I accidentally found her secret cell phone and all the texts there on it because she left it on the seat of my truck. So no I didn't go digging in her life.)! I lived and died for my family! No sacrifice was too great! When I had nothing left to give I dug deep and gave some more!

I doubt you can claim the same...

A person has to accept the fallout for the stupid shit they do plain and simple!

I'll carry on, I'm tough but my Nine year old daughter has a long road of therapy ahead of her though...Every day she sits with me and cries, it's destroyed her life. Not fair...

Just wait till when things go horribly wrong for you and it will it's only a matter of time you can't escape it. You'll understand where I'm coming from then...

Further more not bashing you or anyone else just shinning a light on harsh dark reality that the bulk of you choose to ignore or think that it won't/couldn't ever happen to me.

I have an unpopular opinion about the poly lifestyle based on painful personal experience but it doesn't make me a hater and it/i shouldn't be silenced for it either just like you shouldn't be silenced for your thoughts/opinions on the subject.

When you start to threaten others who think and feel differently than you do then perhaps you need to re-evaluate what you believe in...and why....

A good point of honest debate about two different schools of thought is the recent broadcast Nye vs. ham creationism vs evolution debate. Two polar opposites came together to present there personal principles. Hell the whole porn and pancakes bit with Ron Jeremy and the preacher is another good example of two different points of view peacefully existing in the same forum.

You want acceptance and respect then offer it in kind.

Learn from the bad.

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